mandag 28. januar 2013

B&I messa del 5 Farmhousedesign

Messa hadde også smykkeutstillere. En av disse var Farmhousedesign. Delikate og vakre smykker. Designeren Lise Camille Øhrling står bak dette merket.

Part 5 from the H&I exhibition. I loved the jewelery from Farmhousedesign. Very delicate and beautiful design. The designer behind this brand is Lise Camille Øhrling.

lørdag 26. januar 2013

B&I messa del 4 - Shishi

Hvor fin er ikke denne utstillingen! Love Shishi!

Don't you think this exhibition from Shishi is fantastic!

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B & I Messa del 3

Nedenfor er en salig blanding av små nips som jeg likte.

Part 3 from the Homeing & interiors exhibition. Here is a mix of a few of my favorite items.

Photo & post via iPhone.

Love this vase from Shishi

Soy candlelight. 

Loved the scent Orange Blossom

B & I messa del 2 - Lamper

De er veldig forskjellige i stilen, men jeg falt for begge lampene.

Part 2 from the H&I exhibition is about my favorite lamps. I fell for these two. So different in design but still very gorgeous.

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Absolutly love this lamp from Sia

fredag 25. januar 2013

Bolig & Interiørmessa del 1 - io Scandinavia

Første favoritt fra B&I messa er io Svandinavia. Jeg liker den vakre designen med rene og stramme linjer. Love!

Part 1 from The Home & Interior exhibition. I really liked the brand io Scandinsvia. Love the design!

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onsdag 23. januar 2013

Eva Solo

Yesterday I stopped by the pressview of spring news from Eva Solo. I fancy a lot of different items from this brand. My favorite must be the white coffee pot and the white casseroles.

Post & photo via iPhone.

Love the design on these items. 

I have been wanting white casseroles for a long time

Cool water bottles for the office

The birdseed bowls can be hung in trees, if you have a garden

May I please have those magnolias

Cool background as well.

Lise from Polhem Pr brought her romantic iPhone cover. Lovely!

mandag 14. januar 2013

Chanel Rouge Allure

Spring has to wait! I love this lipstick color from Chanel.

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Photocredit norwegian Costume.

søndag 13. januar 2013

Goodbye to dark circles!

I have been useing YSL's Touche Eclait for a while, but switched to this Natural Light Creator from Lancome. It's gives a bit more coverage so I'm saying goobye to dark circles under my eyes.

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Amartos shampoo and conditioner.

A long while back I testet the shampoo and conditioner from Amartos. Here is the very late review. For those of you who have missed it, I am really fan of the Bye Bye Burn body oil from Amartos. I have previously posted about it here

I just have to say that first and foremost, I love the smell of the products I've tested so far. It is absolutely amazing!

My experience was that the shampoo cleansed my hair in a gentle way. In combination with the conditioner, it left my hair clean and shiny looking for two to three days. I applied the conditioner only in my hair length and let it work in as long as possible. The longer it is left in the hair the better the result. But avoid the conditioner in hair on the head and scalp, otherwise you risk having your hair fall together and become flat. The products contain essential oils and herbal extracts and according to the manufacturer are without parabens. I like that. I am allready looking forward to test more products from Amartos.

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Neon flashes

I love the touch of neon (right now it's lime/yellow) to an orherwise neutral outfit. Such small flashes of color makes me really happy.

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fredag 11. januar 2013

Orrefors by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld har designet en krystall kolleksjon for Orrefors. Elegant design med stramme linjer kjennetegner kolleksjonen. Fargeskalaen er hvitt, sort og gjennomsiktig glass. Jeg liker definitiv det jeg ser på bildene og gleder meg til å se kolleksjonen i realiteten.

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Source: Orrefors og Kosta Boda

onsdag 9. januar 2013


I love tea, and my all time favorite is and always will be indian chai. But haveing said that I am constantly on the lookout for new favorites. These days I am very much into organic tea and have tasted my fare share of these. I am so happy to discover the brand Teapigs. Great in taste and even biodegradable tebags. You can even see the whole spices or flowers( depending on the flavour) in the teabags.

My favorite tea flavours are:
  • Chili chai: A spicy twist to the traditional chai. It contains flakes of real chili.
  • Peppermint & liquorice: This must be one of the very best peppermint tea I have ever tasted. It's naturally sweet so it's a must to taste it without any sweetner the first time. A really good tea if you are a bit of a sweet tooth...:)
  • Super fruit: An antioxidant boost of a tea. Contains real berry pieces. Love it as warm tea or as cold lemonade( I will post a recipe on lemonade in a post later).
  • The biggest surprise among the different flavours is Camomille tea. I normally don't fancy flower flavoured tea, but this was so good. So if you like camomille tea, then you will probably love this. Love seeing the whole flower in the teabags. Beautiful!  
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Can you see the green peppermint leaves.(Peppermint & Liquoriche in the photo above)

Camomille tea.

Chili chai.
Super fruit

fredag 4. januar 2013

A pick me up!

Walking sure is a great pick me up! Sometimes you need to just refresh your mind other times relaxing it. For me this is done while going for walks in the forest. Love the silence, the beauty of nature unravelling as you go along and ofcourse how rejuvenated you feel afterwards.

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