torsdag 22. november 2012


In fall/winter season my skin becomes drier than normal. Because of this I use more oils to hydrate my skin. If you haven't tried the Almond shower oil from L'Occitane then you should. Cleances without leaving the skin dry. A great product! A wonderful christmas present tip as well.

Another of my favorite product from L'Occcitane is the almond skin oil. This is a body oil which leaves the skin really soft and hydrated and smells fantastic. It absorbs quickly and really dosen't feels greasy. Love it!

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mandag 12. november 2012


I kind of love cute iPhone covers and this little angel just moved into my collection.

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fredag 9. november 2012


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I love wearing warm, soft and stylish knits in fall/winter. Here are some favorites at the moment. I fancy The dresses most.

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torsdag 8. november 2012


Have you tried or heard about the Konjac Sponge? I am looking forward to testing it. Please share your experience if you have tried it. Below is a review of how to use it.

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tirsdag 6. november 2012


Looking through H&M lookbook ss13 I noticed the use of tassels. I like it when used on accessories or bags, what about you? Yey or Ney?

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mandag 5. november 2012


I love indian chai (tea). Every time I drink chai it reminds me of happy days spent with family. Stimulating conversations often ending in laughter and more discussions. For me every sip of chai is happiness. There are several recipes of chai out there, but this one is one of my mother's recipes, hope you will like it:

PG tips tea
Green cardimum
Honey or palmtree sugar

Grind the spices (cinnemon & cardimum). Boil water, add the tea bags and the grinded spices. Let it boil for a minute. Add milk and again let it boil shortly. To sweeten the chai you may add honey or sugar.

Ps. It has a wonderful scent of christmas as well :)

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