mandag 31. mai 2010

The Lost Sybol by Dan Brown

Photo is taken and belongs to Rock'n Roll Ballerina

I have just started to read this book and am really looking forward to see if Dan Brown is as good as he has been in most of his other books. I have read most of the books he has written, and so far I think Angels and Demons is the best book when it comes to suspence. Ofcourse the controversial plot in the Da Vinci Code was interesting, but I still think Angels&Demons is the best. I love to read books where the story takes place in places I have visited. As it is in this book which takes place in Washington D.C.
Maybe I will write a mini review when I have read it? What do you think? Have you read it? Have wonderful start on the week! Here in Oslo the sun is shining and summer is comming! Great!

søndag 30. mai 2010

Yesterday's outfit

Photos belong to Rock'n Roll Ballerina

On my way home from a wonderful dinner in a beautiful garden with friends. Sunshine, great food and wonderful company, what more could you ask for;) So what did you do this weekend?
By the way, I love the way this dress falls when I walk, you know the feeling of soft flowing feeling of the fabric touching your skin, felt great! Now, if only I wore some makeup....keep forgetting that when the sun is out...

onsdag 26. mai 2010

Wednsday is for Affordable Luxury....

Photos are taken and belong to Rock'n Roll Ballerina

Så er den min! Den fantastisk fine toppen fra Ewa Larssons kolleksjonen(Affordable Luxury) for Lindex. Den var min favoritt fra kolleksjonen helt siden pressevisningen, og jeg har gledet meg til den skulle komme i butikk. I tillegg ble det et lite armbånd. Lite i størrelsen men med stor og luksuriøs følelse når man får det på. I dag har det blitt en del nyheter fra Lindex, så jeg kaller denne dagen for Lindex dagen;) Om du ikke fikk med deg mitt innlegg fra pressevisningen mht. Ewa Larsson for Lindex så ta en titt her .

I did secure myself this faboulus and romantic top from Ewa Larsson for Lindex's collection. It was my favorite from this collection since I viewed it at the pressrelace earlier this year, and I have been patiently waiting for it to hit the stores. And in additon to this I got the beautiful bracelet. So I will be wearing this top/tunic with denim jacket tights and flats, or just with a shorts.
If you didn't see my post about the pressreleace from Ewa Larsson for Lindex's collection, then take a look at it here

Narciso Rodriguez for Lindex

I am so increadably impressed with Lindex for this faboulus news! They are going to collaborate for the first time with an international designer, and it's none other than three times winner for the prestigues Council of Fashion Designers of Amerika, Narciso Rodriguez. He is the favorite designer of the likes of Sara Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama, Rachel Weiz and Jessica Alba to name a few.

The collection will be called "The pink collection" and 10 percent of the sale will go to the Cancer Society's breast cancer research.

" I think the Pink Collection is a great initiative and I hope many women will appreciate what I do for Lindex and the like to assist the collection of breast cancer research, "said Narciso Rodriguez.

The collection goes on sale on 1 October in all Lindex stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland and in selected stores in other markets. Above are the first sketches from the collection.

Source: Lindex

fredag 21. mai 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop

Photos: Glamour

Love these photos! So beautiful and delicate and the light sure makes the difference! And you can get the collection here.

Stockholm shopping

Photo is taken and belongs to Rock'n Roll Ballerina

So this is what I got shopping in Stockholm. Products from Kiehl's. I love this brand and have been using some of their products on and off for like ten years now. I love to try out new brands, and some of them I end up sticking to. And this is definately one of them, and no, I am not sponsored ;) But I wish I was!
This time around I bought a new daycream, a raspberry colored lipgloss, and an eyecream. I have been using the daycream for a couple of days now and love it! Great for normal skin type I would think. It feels like it makes the skin soft and gives a lot of moisture. The eyecream I will have to use a bit longer to see if it acually make the difference I was told it would;) The lipgloss I have used earlier, but then without color. It contains spf 15 and that's great right now.
Wish you a faboulus weekend! I am leaving for a weekend break! Enjoy life, and remember to do things that makes you happy!

torsdag 20. mai 2010

Stockholm - outfit!

Photo is taken and belongs to Rock'n Roll Ballerina

And this was my outfit for the day in Stockholm. And take my word for it that those boots were definatly not made for walking....even with gel pads that usually works in high heels, not in this case. Guess who's going to be wearing sneakers for a week or so...when she' s up and about that is...Anyway, the sun was shining so all was good! And I only got to shop one little thing...blameing it on the pain for not beeing able to focus. Will show you what I got as soon as I have taken a photo of it. Have wonderful evening my lovelies!

Pressevisning med Lindex i Stockholm

Photos are taken and belongs to Rock'n Roll Ballerina

I was invited by Lindex to travel to Stockholm and view their fall 2010 collection. So I traveled together with a group of people, from Lindex, Polhem PR, fashion journalists and photographers.
The showroom in Stockholm was made like a hallway, where you walked from one group of mannequin dolls wearing the cloths to another, with chocolate breaks in between. Wonderfully arranged! I loved the knitted comfortable cardigans and dresses in the collection. The color range was in black, grey, beige, army-green and some white basics also.

After the viewing we had a lovely lunch at the roof terreace in the sunshine. Faboulus!

fredag 14. mai 2010

Blogger of the week ...

How incredably fun that I am named "blogger of the week" at I felt so honored that they like my site so much and wanted a mini interview! Thank you Hotblog for brightening up my week!! I am suppose to be takeing a break by the sea today, but had to work instead. Sometimes it rolls like that...check out the interview here

torsdag 13. mai 2010

Kameleon - a hidden gem!

So as you know I love to discover new shops, and Kameleon is the latest find. The founder and owner of the shop Anne Slaaen has been designing two collections(named Kamelon) a year for ten years in addition to the other brands they sell. They carry brands like Andersen & Lauth Margit Brandt-Custommade-Stylesnob-NYPD-Jessica Simpson-CO2-and some more. Check out their website here. I loved the leopard printed scarves in hot pink and lilac. And if I was looking for something nice to wear for an special occation, I would definately stop by this place in Oslo/Bislett(Theresesgate 52).

Otherwise I am off to spend some time in a cottage by the sea. So I wish you my lovelies a great weekend! ;)

Photos is taken and belong to Rock'n Roll Ballerina

tirsdag 11. mai 2010

Chanel Miami Peach

Photos belong to Rock'n Roll Ballerina
This week I am all peachy...I am trying out Miami Peach from Chanel. Usually I don't like glitter in the nailpolish, but in this one I found it to be so discret and it makes me feel so glamourus. So I love this color! And it will definately look great on my toenails this summer combined with white summer dresses.

lørdag 8. mai 2010

The sun is shining....

Photo is taken by Rock'n Roll Ballerina

And I got a new bikini... if you need a new bikini this season, then now is the time to look for it. The stores are full of swimwear right now so hurry up before it's all gone;) Otherwise the sun is really shining in Oslo today, so I'm out to enjoy it! I wish all of you a wonderful day!

torsdag 6. mai 2010

Mulberry pressevisning 5.mai

I was invited to a preview of Mulberrys fall/winter main accessories collection. I felt like beeing in a candyshop. Words were not needed, really! Take a look! I want it all what about you?

Mulberry's representative from London introduced the collection. And she wore a fab outfit! Love the pink bow-belt!

Doesn't this remind you of the French Riviera...

I loved the bracelets! So glamourus, imagine one paired with a simple one-shoulder dress..

Mulberry's press mananger & designer Pia Haugseth and me.

The beautiful and well dressed as always Pia Haraldsen, loved her scarf and earrings!
Alexa bag in leopard print....gorgeous!!!

All photos are taken by Rock'n Roll Ballerina!

søndag 2. mai 2010

Will you be rocking the sock in sandal trend?

Photo: stockholmstreetstyle
Lurer på om jeg vil ha på meg sokker i sandalene denne sommeren? Til å begynne med så syntes jeg ikke at det var noe særlig fint. Men så har jeg begynt å like det. Og merker at jeg begynner å se etter ekstra fine sokker som jeg kanskje kan bruke i sandaler. Liker i hvertfall måten det vises på dette bildet. Det er virkelig utført på en feminin og delikat måte. Hva med deg, kommer du til å bruker sokker i sandalene?

Will I or won't I be wearing sock's in my sandals this summer? When I first saw this I was so sure I didn't like it. And now I am not sure anymore..I kind of like it. Noticing that I have started to look for som faboulus sock's. I love it in this photo though, executed in a delicate and feminine way. What do you think? Will you be wearing socks in your sandals?

lørdag 1. mai 2010

MD Formulations face & body scrub!

Photo is taken by Rock'n Roll Ballerina
MD Formulation face & body scrub er en skrubb jeg har brukt i mange år. Tenkte jeg skulle tipse de av dere som ikke har forsøkt denne før. Den består av små korn som blir til skum i kontakt med vann. Kornene kan være litt røffe mot tørr hud så jeg vil absolutt anbefale at man bruker den i dusjen. Den inneholder dessuten glykolsyre som gjør at den virker i dybden og derfor trenger du heller ikke gni den så hardt inn i huden for å få et bra resultat. Når jeg bruker denne i ansiktet så merker jeg alltid at huden gløder og blir myk og fin, det er noe jeg liker! Tenkte dette kunne være et bra tips siden bikinisesongen nærmer seg og vi bør forberede huden for soling. Om du er i Oslo så stikk innom Clinic 81 i Øvre slottsgate 7, spør etter Anne og referer til Rock'n Roll Ballerina så får du 10 % avslag på skrubben. Ønsker deg en fin helg!

MD Formulations Face & Body Scrub is a scrub I have used for many years. Thought I would tip those of you who have not tried this before. It consists of tiny grains that become foam in contact with water. Grains can be a bit harsh for dry skin so I would definitely recommend that you use it in the shower. It also contains glycolic acid which means that it works in depth and therefore you do not have to rub it so hard into the skin to get a great result. When I use this in the face I always notice that my skin glows and becomes smooth and silky, I like that! Thought this might be a good tip since bikini season is now approaching, and we should prepare the skin for tanning. If you are in Oslo, drop by Clinic 81 (address: Øvre slottsgate 7) ask for Anne and refer to the Rock'n Roll ballerina and get a 10% discount. Wish you a nice weekend!

New movie poster.

Source: Just Jared

The closer to the release date, the more we get to see of what's coming our way. And this poster is good since it has all of the girls in it. I really liked the last one with only SJP, but didn't think it was complete without the rest of the girls. You like?