onsdag 5. januar 2011

Holiday treasures

Photos are taken by and belong to me, Rock'n Roll Ballerina
Noen ting ble også med meg hjem fra ferien, og ovenfor er disse. Jeg likte at fargetonene i clutch og bootsene passet sammen. Selvom jeg antageligvis kommer til å bruke de mest hver for seg. Eller elsker jeg ringen med korall stein! Love!
Here are the tresures that I brought back home with me from my holiday. I liked that the color tone in the clutch and boots are similar and therefor can be used together. Even though I probably will use the items seperatly. Otherwise I love the coral ring! Love!

10 kommentarer:

  1. I love those shoes so much! I have been looking for them everywhere over here. Sigh, I want...

  2. Love the shoes girl!

    Have a great day.

  3. Cara: Yes:)

    Dancing Branflake: Thanks! Yes, I am very pleased with this purshase. Hope you find a pair eventually, god luck hunting:)

    Girl about Oslo: Thanks! :) Me too! The sam ae to you also!

    My shoes please: Thank you:) It is so simple yet so special with the leo print:)

    Vildes Verden: Takk! Jeg må innrømme at jeg ble skikkelig glad da jeg fant den i korall:)

    Thanks for commenting beautiful girls! I love it! Wish you a great evening, see you soon;)

  4. Oh la la...everything you're showing here is just amazing. I want it all!

  5. Sniff: Hi there, How nice to hear that:) I love everything ofcourse:) Wish you a nice evening! See you;)

  6. De skoene har jeg også, loove them!
    : )

  7. mmm mye snadder du har fått med deg hjem, skoene er dødsrå!!!