mandag 26. juli 2010

Gondol ride in the sunset

Starting out in the sunset, so many beautiful colors and impressions!

Serene quietness when gliding through the canal

Impressive how the gondoliers manages the gondol under the small bridges

I am in love! There is nothing as romantic as a gondol ride in the sunset. We started out when the sun was going down in the evening and continued in the moonlight. So goregeous! Imagine you and your loved one sitting next to each other, and the gondol sliding through an absolutly quiet canal while the gondol driver sings O Sole Mio with a beautiful voice.....I love it!!!

All the photos are taken by Rock'n Roll Ballerina

4 kommentarer:

  1. This is a dream of mine! So wonderful and you're right- the colors are magnificent. Great photos.

  2. åååå digg.<3 when in rome

  3. Årh - Venezia er så vakkert :) Skulle veldig gjerne dratt dit igjen :)

  4. Dancing Branflake: Don't give up on this dream! Thanks for all your support:)

    Polliani: Ja, måtte bare bli en gondol tur ikke sant:) Viktig å gjøre dette på ettermiddagen hvis man er der i sommerhalvåret, ellers tror jeg ikke man klarer å nyte det noe særlig. :)

    Maria: Så herlig at du har vært der, fantastisk opplevelse, ikke sant! :)

    Thank you so much for your support you wonderful friends! You are the very best! Have a wonderful evening:) See you soon!