lørdag 1. mai 2010

New movie poster.

Source: Just Jared

The closer to the release date, the more we get to see of what's coming our way. And this poster is good since it has all of the girls in it. I really liked the last one with only SJP, but didn't think it was complete without the rest of the girls. You like?

6 kommentarer:

    It was ment to be a Carrie twist...not sure it worked:)

    Have a great day - i love the fact that Aiden is back:)


  2. Hi Princess;)
    I know it will be interesting with Aiden back in the picture. So many of the women loved him..

    Great day to you as well! ;)

  3. jaa, liker at alle er med! selv om closeup ser alle litt merkelige ut, ikke heelt like segselv. men herrelighet som jeg gleder meg til filmen!
    ha en herlig lørdag! og takk for søte kommentarer :)