mandag 31. mai 2010

The Lost Sybol by Dan Brown

Photo is taken and belongs to Rock'n Roll Ballerina

I have just started to read this book and am really looking forward to see if Dan Brown is as good as he has been in most of his other books. I have read most of the books he has written, and so far I think Angels and Demons is the best book when it comes to suspence. Ofcourse the controversial plot in the Da Vinci Code was interesting, but I still think Angels&Demons is the best. I love to read books where the story takes place in places I have visited. As it is in this book which takes place in Washington D.C.
Maybe I will write a mini review when I have read it? What do you think? Have you read it? Have wonderful start on the week! Here in Oslo the sun is shining and summer is comming! Great!

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  1. I never read any of this books but I have heard that they are terribly addicting. Maybe I will!

  2. Det tok litt tid før boka begynne å bli spennande, men den siste halvdelen var veldig spennande! :) Engler og demoner er ein av mine Dan Brown favoritter og, og Iskaldt bedrag. Kos deg med lesinga :)

  3. Hi:)
    I totally agree with you...
    I thought Angels and Demons (finished this one in 2 days) was way better then "The Dav Code"...this book really bored me to death....

    Truth be told...i have not read any other books in the fear of being hugely disappointed...

    So please tell me how this one is, and write a review:)
    Have a nice, and sunny day in Oslo.

  4. Dancing Branflake: I think you really should try one of the books. So far I think Angels&Demons is the best book. :)

    Britt: Blir interessant å se hvordan denne boken er:) Bra du ikke røpet noe av handlingen;)

    Princess of many sorts: I have read them all, and A&D is my favorite. But I did like some of the ohters as well. But I guess I had so high expertations when it came to the Da Vinci Code that it didn't live up to it. But I have heard a lot of people likeing that book the best.

    Thank you girls for your commenting and I hope you will have a nice evening and a wonderful day tomorrow! I am so glad we are haveing such a lovely weather here in Oslo. See you;)

  5. Takk for tipset, jeg trenger en ny bok å lese. Jeg leser mest krim men akkurat ferdig med boka Øya, anbefales om du ikke har lest den:)

  6. eg har ikkje lest den, takk for bok-tips!! eg leser alltid mest på sommeren.god forfatter, så eg tipper boka e bra, det må eg finne ut :))

    ha ein fin kveld!

  7. hilsen meg.. hehe. glemte å signere :D

  8. Oooo I hope you love the book! I remember reading angels and demons and the da vinci code. Both here really fun and full of twists and turns ;)

  9. Kult om du lager en liten bok-anmeldelse når du e ferdig ja :)) alltid kjekt med boktips!

    håper du får ein strålende mandag!