torsdag 11. mars 2010

Luxury tip of the day!

If you want to invest in a beautiful bracelet, then I would definately recommend this beauty from Mulberry! It has wonderful summer colors with a vintage vibe to it. Love!
Photo: Belongs to Rock'n Roll Ballerina

11 kommentarer:

  1. wauw! looks amazing ;D love the colors

  2. Good i loved them...can i have them please:)

    Have a good day, SP

  3. It is even prettier in real life - just amazingly beautiful! But it is REALLY small; you will have trouble getting it on your wrist if you have big bone structures!

  4. ooh, lekkert. how much is this beautiful piece gonna cost me then?? ;)

    *vil ha*

  5. Emilie Delance: It sure is amazing:)
    Princess of many sorts: Beautiful isen't it:)
    Lena: Lucky me for my small wrist;)
    Regine: Faboulus is the word, and a bit pricy;)

  6. Love it <3
    Very nice post =)
    COme and see my new post to ^^


  7. Gorgeous! Did you get it??? Lucky you!!

  8. Gorgeous!!! Did you get it?? Lucky, lucky you!

  9. nydelig!! Jeg har ett fra sommerkolleksjonen i fjor og det er så fint!!

  10. Lisette: I will check out your post;)
    FlitAbout: Absolutly gorgeous!
    Britt: Ja ikke sant! ;)
    Piahaugseth: Herlig! Nyt det! ;)

    Takk for kommentarene jenter, ønsker dere en super dag! See you;)