onsdag 7. oktober 2009

Chanel's new nailpolish for spring 2010

Dette er den nye vår fargen på neglelakk fra Chanel sin kolleksjon ss2010. Ser ut som en blanding av grå og lilla. Delikat og veldig feminin syntes nå jeg, liker den! Gjør du?

The new nailpolish color for spring from Chanel is a mix of grey and purple. A delicate color, nice for spring. What do you think? You like?

Photo: alllacqueredup

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11 kommentarer:

  1. i don't like the colour, i love it ;)

  2. Dislike. It looks like the model has dead hands!!

  3. Love it! Are they already selling this in the stores?

  4. i love the color! maybe i can find something that looks like this

  5. Hello everyone:) Thanks for commenting!
    Michèlle: Not that I know of.
    Seda: I was thinking to mix to colors of nailpolish myself, maybe a light grey and a purple if I didn't find a similar one:) Let me now if you find one..
    Otherwise have a faboulus weekend everyone, remember to do something that makes you smile:)
    See you soon!

  6. In my opinion this color is gorgeous. I'm used to wear dark brown nails but not that one. But after seeing your post I will wear this color from now on! lovely!


  7. Weird, therefore quite cool!

  8. Irene: Yes, the color is so gorgeous, for me this will be fine for spring, but then again maybe I will find a simialr color sooner:)
    Eri: So funny, that's what my first impression of the color was. I couldn't decide if I thougt it to be to strange, but I guess I like strange:)
    Thank you for commenting girls! Have a great week and see you soon:)

  9. Would look great with my favourite dress! (The one you've seen I had on at the 3 weddings this summer). But just bought the dark blue one from Chanel, so I guess I should wait until the next pay check comes along...

  10. Lena: Ah..Yes, that it would. And the dark blue from Chanel is fab too, so funny, I had just bought a metallic blue from another brand, and then I discovered the one from Chanel...Oh well, I'll make a post of it later anyway:) Thanks for your support! See you soon.