torsdag 27. august 2009

Tigh high boots

(boots from left: topshop, Dolce Vita, Christian Loubutin, Sam Edelman)
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Ser at støvler som går helt opp til lårene er virkelig i motebildet denne høsten. Har du tenkt å skaffe deg et par? Personlig så er jeg litt usikker. Jeg liker støvler som går opp til knærne, men ikke noe særlig høyere enn det. Men jeg skal aldri si aldri...

So tigh high boots are so in the fashion pickture this fall. Are you going to get yourself a pair? Personally I don't know, I like them knee high, but I will never say never...

Image is from Refinery29

2 kommentarer:

  1. Well heeled boots aren't the only ones in style. Lots of boots that go all the way up yet they are a bit more relaxed. A bit like fisherman boots like the ones Prada came with.

    Or a bit more 1800s. Short boots with studs and buckles.

    Still, if you are going for that extravagant look, thigh high boots could be a classy answer.

  2. Loved number 2. :-)