onsdag 18. mars 2009

Matthew Williamson for HM

Photo: Nitrolicious

Jeg venter spent på klærne som Matthew Williamsen har designet for H&M. Han er absolutt en av mine favoritt designere. Er det flere som gleder seg til klærne kommer i butikken?

Waiting eagarly for Matthew Williamson's H&M womens collection! He's definately one of my favorite designers. Anoyne else looking forward to this?

5 kommentarer:

  1. oh that dressss!!
    I wantt I wantttt

  2. Hi Seda:) I know, isen't it just so incredibly gorgeous! But I also love the other items too. Matthew Williamsen is one of my favorite designers so I am very exited for this collaboration. See you:)

  3. I love the zebra print jumpsuit too! But here also is sold out!
    Love Matthew Silliamsen collaboration:)

  4. It definetely looks nice, some of the dress will be cool. But, I never manage to buy anything on H&M like that is always very mad and you would have to be queing since 5AM to buy something good. Not for me.
    Shame about primark... but dont you guys have some good vintage shops in Oslo? I would love to visit Oslo by the way.

  5. Rebeca: Guess it was really popular:) But the great thing is that there are so many other fabulous looking jumpsuits to choose among.

    Eri: I hear you! But I will prepare myself:) This time I will try to get hold of something since I just love Matthew Williamson. We do have som good vintage shops in Oslo. Some of my favorite are Tonica, Veloria vintage and Koma. :)